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Creation Co., Ltd. is located in Jinan, the beautiful Springs - Jinan , Huashan Road flyover zone is located on the 8th , transport facilities, 100 meters away from the Beijing-Fuzhou exit from Qingdao Port, Tianjin Port is also only 300 kilometers away. north of Jinan Gaijiagou logistics base for the majority of users with convenient logistics . Our company is a collection of scientific research , production, sales as one of the modern chemical industry , our strong technical force, actively promote the professional technical progress and quality of the product development company in good faith cooperation .
The company has long focused on the sale of various chemical raw materials , and they are n-butanol , isobutanol, n-propanol, isopropanol, iso-octanol , hydrazine hydrate , cyclohexanone , ethylene glycol , DBE, CAC, PMA , dioctyl phthalate , dibutyl , DMF ( dimethylformamide ) , phenol , xylene , diethylene triamine , isophorone , cyclohexane , benzene , triethanolamine , dimethyl carbonate , benzyl alcohol , acrylic acid, tetrahydrofuran, carbon tetrachloride, dichloromethane , dichloroethane , propylene glycol , butyl acetate , ethyl acetate , hydroquinone , glycerol , hexamine , lemon yellow, the yellow , and a hundred contact kinds of chemical raw materials, welcomed patrons.
Our products have been exported to Europe and Asia and other countries and regions , has been well received by domestic and foreign customers . My company through market segments, to take the road of differentiated marketing , customer demand as the goal , products and services by agents and consumers. The face of fierce market competition, Jinan Chemical Co., Ltd. will continue to adhere Creation "doing sensible human, tree corporate integrity " business principles , to maintain rapid , healthy and stable development. Adhere to technology, technology-oriented , improve product quality ; adhere to the brand -oriented, to increase corporate brand of cultural content ; adhere to market -oriented, maintenance agents and consumers to maximize the benefits , and provide consumers with quality products and services . May the good times in subsequent years, continue to work with domestic and foreign friends to maintain mutual trust, mutual benefit and stable relations of cooperation, work together for mutual benefit and long-term development !
"Man , things and , IDS , heart, and " is the company's guidelines.
The company is willing to cooperate sincerely with friends at home and abroad , innovation, create brilliant.
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